Monday, April 23, 2012

The Abstract

Spider hand

The aim is to decrease anxiety or/and fear of small invertebrates such as spiders or small insects.

The problem we face to solve is that sometimes people overreact towards small insects and arachnids.

Our approach goes along the lines of exposure therapy where the repeated exposure to certain fear will help over come it. The elements of exposure therapy is coupled with sense of competition/herd mentality to make subjects more willing to participate.

What we have learnt is that fun, or the perceived idea of it, will allow a person to overcome personal distaste.

Exposure through the medium of a game is a useful tool to overcome psychological obstacles.
thats the abstract
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    • Dakeum Jung game name is open to change.

      also. you know how we had the whole "higher the heart rate is, the faster you pull the paper out. well since we dont have exact pull per beat mechanism (just realised from looking at the app) that it will be b...See More
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Do we have spiders or something?
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Hey how did the android app go with the heart rate monitor? does it work?
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